Tour African American heritage sites

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A guide to African American heritage sites in Frederick City and County is available at the Frederick Visitor Center and online.  It includes points of interest, illustrations, and properties designated on the Underground Railroad  Network to Freedom like Monocacy National Battlefield and Catoctin  Furnace.  The Frederick Historic  Sites Consortium coordinated the project.   The latest additions include sites that have instituted regular public hours since  an earlier brochure was created, and new memorials.  The brochure has a  suggested walking tour itinerary that links sites in the City of  Frederick, and visitors can explore County locations by the themes of  “Communities and Churches,” “Industry,” and “Plantation Life.” 

African American heritage tourism is deeply connected with Frederick’s  rich history, and this brochure allows visitors to explore African  American heritage points of interest based on themes and related sites.   A ten member Advisory Committee worked on the project.  The  recent discovery of the extensive, intact slave village at Monocacy  National Battlefield, one of the new sites in the brochure, underscores  just how deeply rooted African American history and heritage is in our  County. 

According to Randy Jones, Tourism Council of Frederick County Board  member, brochure Advisory Committee member, and the owner of Café 611,  “Research has brought new information on local African American history  to life, the community has developed sites that did not exist nine years  ago, and more sites that include African American interpretation are  now accessible to the public.”

The African American Heritage brochure is available free of charge  at the Frederick Visitor Center, 151 S. East Street, Frederick MD and  available online at   It is possible to arrange supplies for youth and school groups by  calling (301) 600-4047. The brochure is published by the Tourism Council  of Frederick County in cooperation with the Frederick Historic Sites  Consortium.  Funding was provided by the Community Foundation of  Frederick County and the Maryland Heritage Areas Authority through a  mini-grant from the Heart of the Civil War Heritage Area.